Brand Enthusiasts

Welcome to Plaingirl and thank you for your interest in our Brand Enthusiast position! While it has its perks, it also has its responsibilities! We are looking to give these positions to people that are passionate about our brand and want to spread the word and help us grow. Each chosen brand enthusiast will be given a code for 40% off one item. (wholesale cost) In exchange we are looking for 3 pictures in the item. These do not need to be professional pictures. You will also be given a promo code for any friends/followers/etc you might refer. We are basically looking for spokespeople. People that love and want to promote our brand.

Each brand enthusiast position is a one month position. At the end of the month the brand enthusiast referral code that received the most uses will receive a free item of their choice! 

We will be choosing 10 brand enthusiasts each month! Brand enthusiasts pics can be used for marketing/advertising purposes on our website/instagram/facebook/pinterest

***free item excludes couture collection***